Mayo 11, 2008


This weekend, people around the world will be honoring their mothers in the spirit of Mother's Day. Surprise your mother by wishing her a Happy Mother's Day in a foreign language:

English - Happy Mother's Day!
French: - Bonne Fête des Mères!
German - Alles Gute zum Muttertag!
Hindi - Maatri Divas kee shubhkaamyaaye!
Italian - Buona festa della Mamma!
Japanese - Ha ha no hi o me de to u!
Mandarin Chinese - Mu Qin Jie kuai le!
Portuguese - Feliz dia de las Mães!
Russian - S Dnem materi!
Spanish - Feliz Día de las Madres!

2 komento:

linglingbells ayon kay ...

hapi mother's day sayo! :D

KLITORIKA ayon kay ...

thank you po sayo rin ha happy mothers day!