Setyembre 8, 2007


(photo was taken in Mergrande, Davao)

Deprived of all FREEDOM except for that of consuming commodities, soaked in blood, to the extent granted, we are ourselves reduced to commodities exchanged at discount prices for an intolerable survival.

Spending our existence in forced and alienating activity that is mostly useless and harmful, measured by a time that doesn't belong to us, we scrape together just about enough to fool ourselves into thinking we are living.

Every decision is already made by those who have taken the direct determination of our lives away from us and use it againts us to safeguard their power through control and repression.

In the domination of the state and capital, order and peace are nothing but a systematic attack againts JOY.

Resignation is the best lubricant for this factory of death called society.

To those who instead desire to live freely and passionately, this dessert of plexigas can only recall the compelling need to destroy it.

We are among those who feel this way, sharing ideas that are poisonous to god, state and money; an arsenal capable or rekindling the awareness of not being a code and of unmasking the tragic farce that makes us into squalid simulations of ourselves.

The critique goes deeply into it all with radicality because the conflict between power and those who want to bring about its disappearance is radical; between the chains of the individual who, starting from his indispensability, wants all back again.

Paper that remains such in the talons of voluntary servitude, but that becomes a cure-all for the rebel mind.

May theory and practice support each other in the damned adventure of social war!

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William Buenafe ayon kay ...

sobra namang holdaper, wala ng itinira pati ba naman kansursilyo eh kinuha. buti naman at medyo nakonsensiya siya kahit papaano iniwanan ka ng tamborine para pantakip. Hahahahaha

trying hard to be a comedian po lamang.

Secret Samadhi ayon kay ...

hehehe hindi po ako ang nasa pics partner ko po yan. in fairness natawa ako!

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

Geri here: Ikaw ba yan Mr Tambourine Man?? hehe