Hulyo 1, 2005

Today's Planetary Forecast

July 1, 2005

A friend or family member is slowly poisoning your relationship, JANET. A misunderstanding between the two of you will ultimately prove beneficial in the long run. Why? It makes you realize how uncomfortable you are with vague, ill-defined relationships. Today would be a good day to write a letter to the person in question. You are likely to find the results gratifying.
he,he this is really something you may call me jologs, supertitious, traditional or whatever.
But i guess this forecast is somehow real... yup somebody's trying to poison our relationship, and i dont know the reason why.
Is it me? or is it the person involved? I guess and i am sure its not me...maybe im just so unlucky that i have been sorrounded with pathetic, selfish, narrowminded, insecure, called FRIENDS?!
I dont know...but i think its human nature, we cannot pleased everybody...what makes me sad is the realization that there are people who are incapable of practicing what they preached.
That there are people despite of their being an idealist, of being someone who tries to save the whole damned world, the fuckin small creatures and animals they are also those people who doesnt even know how to love themselves.
They are full of guilt and insecurities that it makes impossible for them to show real compassion to people specially their so called friends or comrades.
Better stop talking about revolution and utopia its ssooooooo soooo farrrrrrrrr from reality.
We can never get it, we can never reach it.
We, the same crowd of people who thinks and believe that we can make this fuckin damned world a better place?
Oh, i dont think so... we cant even maintain our communication and understanding.
How can we make those things possible?
Maybe in our dreams!I guess you are the ULTIMATE WALKING CONTRADICTION!!!
i dont know whats eating YOU?
Whatever it is, i guess its TERMINAL GUILT?
too bad its worst than AIDS that you will never get cured whatever you do.
You'll be the same old pathetic you...its getting worst that even DEATH can't cleanse your poor soul.

13 komento:

aleksi ayon kay ... u are beginnign to see the light. congratulations..konti n lang...nas realidad ka na...

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

bakla, bsahin mo ung tit/less ko sa blog ko para makapa mo ang mundo...bilis go!

Hindi-nagpakilala ayon kay ...

i agree with u bkla! kaloka talaga ang mabuhay sa mundo. ikaw ba yan janet? or nag ka amnesia ka na din ha? hehe, anyways, wait mo ang pampasabog ko na kwento, binubuo ko pa lang, kasi natatawa talaga ako sa experience ko jan sa davao. one of a kind!

Randy Valiente ayon kay ...

hmmmm....mukhang kilala ko siya....siya ba ung kinukuwento mo sa kin? easy ka lang, sabi nga ni lord, tayong lahat ay magmahalan.

Secret Samadhi ayon kay ...

Aleksi-Korek ka dyan bakla! kaloka talaga hmp! Sobrang pasaway ang friendster natin dito. kelan kaya magigising ang hinayupak? Siguro kapag naubos na lahat ng kaibigan niya.

Mac-Bilisan mo na ang pagawa ng master piece mo! Pekpek ka talaga.

Randy-Oo alam mo na kung sino itong tinutukoy ko hay naku nakakaloka talaga ewan! Pero syempre mahal pa rin namin siya sana lang marealize niya yun bago mahuli ang lahat! hehe

shella ayon kay ...

ano ba naman yan, konti na nga lang ng populasyon ng mga taong katulad nyo nag-aaway pa kayo. patch it up na bago dumating si lord.

Secret Samadhi ayon kay ...

he,he wala tayo magagawa neng may mga tao talagang makitid at hindi makaintindi

The Atheist Seeker ayon kay ...

I saw you on my friendster's friends list and I saw this link on your profile. You write unique stuff in here. Keep it up.

My name in friendster is RandyTheSkeptic.

Editfish ayon kay ...

I hope you can (or have already) solved the misunderstanding and repair the relationship. The poison is suspicion, anger, and frustration and it needs to be removed from the wound before it kills. Especially if the relationship is between two cultures and/or two languages. It's very easy to miscommunicate, so be careful and cautious.

Patawad po! Akong sabi tagalog ng pangit-pangit. My Mandarin is better. :(

Secret Samadhi ayon kay ...

thanks editfish and randy the skeptic!

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