Oktubre 29, 2008


Isang kaibigan ang naglakas ng loob na magcontribute dito sa blog ko ng kanyang personal na karanasan. Ayan ha ate, pinost ko na ito wala nang atrasan! he,he

To you who said I cannot write....THIS IS OUR STORY.

That even if we parted ways I am still happy that you have been part of my life. Thank you for being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. For cajoling me to fight my own fight. To be responsible on my act. For the man who let me feel that I am every bit a woman. For being there unconditionally. For the part of you that you showed to the people to few people you cared for. Thank you for being Human Once in a while.

It was raining hard when I disclosed my story with a friend she commented "nakakawala ng respeto" maybe it’s not directed to me but the truth is I somewhat lost it while on a relationship with a married man.

The first time I met him I was all soaked up it was drizzling and all I can do is pretend that I am okey for it was my first interview. It is a bachelor’s pad in one of the condo's in makati so I was a little bit hesitant on what to expect on my interviewer. Men are from Mars Women are from a different planet...so his alien...alien in the way he spoke in the manner he interviewed me or shall we say there is a cultural barrier in our communication. So when he asked me to freshen up in the nearby washroom I was confused on what might happen between the two of us. We are the only two people on his pad and I had this creepy feeling that he maybe one of those foreigner who finds Filipina cheap. When I heard a voice talking after a few minutes I was relieved. Maybe I am naive, maybe not.

Actually his not bad looking at all on the contrary he knows his nice to look at and quite blatant in letting the world knows his the man. Around 5'11 in height, different color of eyes greenish blue. Nice supple body that walks in the gym. At that time I never thought he's married to a socialite. So if your going to ask me to rate him comparing him to a food his a SHAWARMA he stimulate the mind...I mean it stimulate the mind to be aroused thru its aroma and the funny part is when you taste the fita its HARD with the extra bonus of milky white sauce to entice the palette. Now I never thought that the man I mean SHAWARMA is a very sexual food. The truth is his way out of my league and age. Perhaps outside appearance his attractive but I was not impressed with the way he handles people arrogantly and sometime inhumane. So this is how we started.


First I hated him whenever he barked and give orders to us most especially when things goes wrong liked him being rushed to the hospital while on his way to a meeting. Acting as if his not tired, sick and death looking he specifically gave orders not to inform his wife abroad because she's very busy. Second I hate hospital I was assigned to attend to him and what do you expect on the man being sick and tied to the hospital gown after an operation. I thought I applied for a marketing position not a yaya...

I was hoping I will see him at his deathbed so all of us can breathe...his a kind of man who makes our life more difficult in his office. The truth is when I saw him in his bed I saw a hardened and sad man at his hospital gown trying his own foot in our country. It made him more human to me. I mumbled your as mortal as the rest of us I thought your not because you treated everyone as machine like no feelings giving orders as if were on a barracks incidentally his a soldier in his country no kidding.

I have been hearing stories about him and his present wife but I tried not to or maybe pretend not to hear that there relationship is strained. In one of two conversation he mentioned his wife in his country and child as well as his mother. His a man of few words when it comes to his immediate family and I believe it’s the way it should be.

He reciprocated the act when my father died I did not expect him to come at the wake but he did and somehow all the things that I hated in him banished because of the gesture of kindness...I believe that people connect to each other when there is trials and they were able to surpass it hanging for each others vulnerability but still hanging on for lifes tribulations. Somehow I recognized the feeling I thought as a father, mentor and friend. THAT IS WHY EVEN IF HIS A DIFFICULT MAN TO be with I always rastionalized on his POSITIVE SIDE. I never knew that this love hate relationship would turn in to a quick affair out of fondness.

A friend ask after all its been 4 years, Was it just an affair without feelings?

Would I left the man if I dont. Precisely he asked me the same difficult question while we are conversing Do you think I leave my wife for you? Actually this is given not as a question but as a statement so I told him he has no balls for I was the one being Ostracized with our indiscretion.

Good for him because he is the boss or was it unfortunate that his wife told me to resigned and all I can say is "would that make you happy". With all honestly I wanted the man happy for he wouldn’t turn to other woman if his contented. I was reminded of the many papers we were asked during marriage class in College. What if I am another woman and put into a situation as a third party what will I do? If I can saved the relationship I would let him go if not and I feel that I would be the one to make him happy I will fight for him.

I let him go because I still believe that they can work things out. Im just an outlet a deviation for him because I became a friend, not a mistress nor I am doing it for sexual favor for me to have something in return.


How many times did you do it with him? What fucked or have sexed with the man? I cannot say love making precisely because we are two consenting adult making our life more miserable by 2 or more sexual act.

Was it good?

I’d say it was a little bit dark when it happened his secretary was not there so we did it in the documentation room. Both undressing each other gasping for air both knew that there are other employees at the next room. Him touching me in my innermost parts, I am trying my hands on his pants.

What I like is his torso the wideness making you aware of how he can protect you. And the hair in his chest is a turn on. It was brief for we both know that were like two criminals trying to stop time from ticking. Since we are on a small place we did it standing position.

It was if we were dancing both in synch with our bodies capturing each others sexuality his hardness and my softness interlocking to be ONE...until our body rhythms accelerated to a certain height or tempo were in we reached a pinnacle or should I say the very apex of our libido was reached. And both our body fluids is secreted. It sad to think then that were just on a borrowed time away from his wife and me from my 8 years partner. Oh what about the answer to the question? I reached our goal so I guess his good but bossy.

I asked my friend if given a chance you would have sex with him.

And she told me without hesitating YES, so I rest my case his a handsome man after all it just that in my case I love the things he love therefore it means I have to let go

"He had similar affair with one of his staff and texting sweet nothings to one of his employee. The details I did not tried to memorized anymore and my friend who said nakakawala ng respeto is the one who provide the info. I later on realized that I wrote this not to spite him but to tell him his still human and everybody should be respected of what they are doing as long as it does not affect anybody on a personal matter.

And when asked about the wife she informed me oh she had an affair 2 or 3 years after I resigned. Then I shrugged and was relieved from the old thought that I am not respectable perhaps they have an open relationship and they just like experimenting.

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