Setyembre 27, 2008

Love is all that matter...

I was asked by the writer to contribute to her blog and I chose to tackle Love with the same gender. As she was recommending loving annabelle which provides insight on lesbian relationship I cannot help but be reminded by my 9 year relationship with my partner whom went abroad and find another mate.

I met her while we were working at a cable company. She was the supervisor and I was an account executives. She was with another partner then when I entered her life. Later on before breaking up with she told me that its her way of coping to have one before another comes in.
I really never had any relationship.

I was fresh from college when I met her initially there is a mutual attraction she told me I had an exotic look in me...ano ko pagkain?It was fun then and I believe its safer to have, first pareho kaming may matris, pangalawa its as if I have a sister and a friend. My relationship with her is like any other couple we have problems with third party entering the picture.

With regards to each families knowledge of what is going on around they seem to approved to what is happening or It was it they are mature enough to accept it as our right as individual to choose our sexual preference. Sometimes when we loved someone you loved it not with the attachment of which gender she have but what we felt emotionally.

Why fell inlove with a woman when you can have a man? I keep asking myself the same questions a thousand times, but sometime we feel not with what we see but we feel with what our hearts wants to show us.

While we are on the relationship I still entertained the idea of having a relationship with opposite sex, so I guess I can be considered as Bi.
Our relationship is what you called a picture perfect partnership. I didnt just fell in love with her but her personality as well as her family. There even comes a time that I live in with her brother and mother somewhere north.

The sexual relationship that we had then is what i knew is about two bodies orchestrating not only a sexual act but same bodies that act as ONE. Not only loving the totality of the person but the pieces that make a person whole. Sabihin nating pareho kaming may matris what makes it stimulation is the way we manage to put an art into it.

Ang bawat haplos sa hubad na katawan, ang bawat pagpapakita ng maselang bahagi ng katawan, ang pag-amoy sa pinakakatagong parte at ang tamang timing para maabot yun rurok ng sabay.


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Powerful post and I agreed with every word.