Agosto 23, 2008


Her medium is sex but her messages varries.
Memoirs of Klitorika narrates the author's helluvah sexcapades
and the lessons in life she acquires along with it.

One certain feature is that the book
has no inclination to all things Plato,
especially in dealing with relationship.

The entire atmosphere are nuggets of entertainment and gaiety.
Reality bites the real, however at times you will get confuse
on which comes first:
The act, or the rationale of the act.

The typhoon in your ass approach to morality and societal hypocricy
though not groundbreaking enough is sheer delight to read.
Is she a feminist? or just a thinking female? is for you to decide

The key to the whole thing is that
the book is originally a blog or on-line diary
Thus the mix thoughts and raw vocabulary
So judging it from a Book standard is an exercise futility.

This blog-to-book matrix opens fresh horizons
of an entire future readership.
By the way, since when one's diary is a thing to be sold?

Its a cruel world.

Memoirs of Klitorika
Published by Psicom
Available now at all National Bookstore Powerbook Store and other leading bookstore.

Grab a copy. Spread the word

Posted by: Geri
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arjhay ayon kay ...

HI! I read you book Memoirs of Klitorika two days ago. I know hard to get out to the public of who really you are. As what you have said in your book, telling the public who really you are is the greatest challenge you are facing as a woman and as a mother right now. I can relate to all the stories you have told in your book though I am not a woman but still I can feel the pain, the shame, the self pity and of course the triumph. What's best about in your story is that it's always your choice, unlike me, I think I am always a victim of circumstances and I don't know where and when to start from going out from myself. I salute you and keep up the good work, continue writing because you don't know that you inspire other people.

KLITORIKA ayon kay ...

Thanks arjhay!
Salamat din sa inspirasyon....