Nobyembre 18, 2007

Pause Life!

Do you know what could happen to our world if we don't stop and think before we buy things? That's what Buy Nothing Day is all about. Especially on this day we should stop and think,

" Do I really need this or do I just want it?".

People see things on T.V. and want them. They don't think about the environment, how bad some products are for it or how much garbage they keep making if they keep on buying and buying things that they don't really need.

If people buy products, then companies will make more of the products, and when they make them they cut down more trees, use more energy, more resources and pollute the air with greenhouse gases. We need to buy things of course, but think before you buy and ask yourself,

"Do I really need this or do I just want it?"

Every November‚ for 24 hours‚ we remember that no one was born to shop

The Ultimate Refund

On November 23, millions of people around the world will go on a 24 hour consumer fast and thousands of activists in 65 countries will engage in credit card cut ups, zombie walks and other pranks and shenanigans in an attempt to catalyze a mind shift towards sustainable lifestyles.

On the Last Friday of November Participate by NOT Participating!

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