Setyembre 11, 2006


[x] Sleep with a stuffed animal
[ ] Eat sugary cereal for breakfast
[x] Watch Saturday Morning cartoons
[ ] Are afraid of the dark
[ ] Love the color pink
[x] Never get in fights with your parents
[x] Think ice cream for lunch is perfectly reasonable
[x] Hug often
[x] Cry about stupid things
[x] Use the "sad eyes" on your parents
[x] Have a goldfish as a pet
[x] Wear slippers
[x] Are attracted to shiny objects
[x] Think happy faces are cute
[ ] Sometimes answer the phone by
saying, "Yellow?"
[ ] Pick your nose
[ ] Shower less than three times a week
[x] Sometimes Take bubble baths
[ ] Have a furby
[x] Think it is fun to catch bugs
[ ] Know how to take the stinger out of a bee
[ ] Use a lifejacket when you go swimming
[ ] Make daisy necklaces/bracelets when you go to
the park
[ ] love the game scissors paper stone
[ ] Listen to Britney Spears and N*Sync
[x] Watch Spongebob Squarepants
[ ] Dream about going to amusement parks
[x] when im bored. i Like these surveys

Total: 14

Now count up all your x's and multiply it by 5.
type " I am 70% childish!" in the subject line

hehehe very funny pero true!

3 komento:

Randy P. Valiente ayon kay ...

hoy mac, manganganak ka na ba? wag mo ko kalimutan pag maykainan ha. heheheheh. sana ipangalan mo sa anak mo RANDY rin, para lumaki siyang may takot kay God.

Secret Samadhi ayon kay ...

hay naku randy? Bakit randy? hello? Ipaliwanag mo nga kung ano ang maganda sa pangalan mo bukod sa it ends with Y just like monday, tuesday so on...

mattandres93460239 ayon kay ...

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