Enero 2, 2008

Masturbate for Peace!

The Power of Masturbation

There's no greater antidote for war than love. Feelings of hatred and distrust form the necessary basis of armed confrontation. Replace those negative feelings with love and you're halfway towards resolution of any conflict.

However, any real love must start from within. You can't love others without loving yourself first. And, of course, masturbation is the greatest expression of self-love. So it's natural that we, the citizens of the world, are joining together to masturbate for peace.

Visit the site : http://masturbateforpeace.com/
and join the petition! Lets stop the war masturbate now!

4 (na) komento:

Randy P. Valiente ayon kay ...

wala bang ORGY FOR PEACE?

KLITORIKA ayon kay ...

wala eh! sign up ka muna dyan tapos gawa tayo ng ganung campaign pagkatapos... pasaway!

jessie ayon kay ...

klit, sa yo ba yan? :-)

William Buenafe ayon kay ...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Bakit hindi kaya maka focus
duon sa PEACE noh? LOL

PEACE sa lahat this 2008 :-))